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Noordwijk has a stunning 13-kilometre sandy beach. Noordwijk beach has been awarded the following quality marks.

Blue Flag

A major international environmental award for safe, clean beaches. The Blue Flag has been flying in Noordwijk for many years. It is the symbol for clean swimming water and a well-maintained beach with good, safe facilities and amenities for everyone. Every year, Noordwijk works hard to retain this highly sought-after quality mark.


European label for people- and eco-friendly tourism and recreation. Noordwijk has been awarded the QualityCoast label a few years now. This is the first quality mark to focus on a coastal town as a whole. For this quality mark, Noordwijk was rated excellent in terms of nature and environment.

Cleanest beach

Qualitymark of Stichting Nederland Schoon. Noordwijk has been participating in the cleanest Beach in the Netherlands competition, organized by Stichting Nederland Schoon. Noordwijk has been at the top for years. Stichting Nederland schoon rates the beach of Noordwijk with 4 stars, the maximum possible number. 4 stars represents the 'very clean beach' rating. Noordwijk even came out as the best of the large tourist beaches.