Not allowed on the beach

Anyone has free access to the beach of Noordwijk. However, a number of rules apply. These rules ensure that everyone has a lovely time at our beach. They are laid down in the General Local Regulation. There are a number of things you are not allowed to do on the beach. In some cases, the municipality may lift a ban. This has to be requested.

Activities not allowed on the beach

Most rules that apply throughout our municipality, also apply on the beach. For example, rules concerning the organisation of events. In addition, the following activities are not allowed on the beach:

  1. The setting up, leaving of tents, tables, benches, crates, posts or other objects. This ban does not apply to chairs, beach shelters, parasols and windbreaks which are temporarily set up for personal use by beachgoers.
  2. A game or activity that causes a nuisance.
  3. Driving a motorised vehicle or (motor)bike.
  4. Having a sulky or other cart on the beach or driving it.
  5. Having a sand yacht on the beach or sailing it.
  6. Having a motor vessel on the beach, landing it or launching it.
  7. Barbecuing, or grilling or heating food in the open air, regardless of the type of fuel used.
  8. Taking off in a glider from the beach or the dunes.
  9. Littering the beach with glass of any kind.

The following is only allowed in specially designated beach zones:

  1. Having a kitesurfboard/surfboard and entering the sea with it. More information about the special kitesurf and kite-flying zones
  2. Flying or releasing a dual or multi line kite. More information about the special kitesurf and kite-flying zones
  3. Nudism in areas other than the nudist beach.
  4. Horse riding. More information about rules regarding horse-riding

These rules are laid down in article 2:80 of the General Local Regulation.


These bans do not apply if the activities are part of an event for which a permit has been granted under article 2:25 of the General Local Regulation.